One uses a Rorschach stain to determine a subject’s perceptions; it is said of the infamous Rorschach inkblot Test. There’s a subject to be examined here: the post-modern world and the Rorschach used to examine it is a collection of 10 silver bullets in the shape of songs. It is a Rorschach made up of images of hellhounds & demon lovers, pop tragedies, crashed cars, Buddhist Punks. It is a Rorschach of hope,loss & lust.

The craftsmen of this tale are a down & dirty rock n roll band by the name of DANTE. Integrated by Kami Rayne (vocals), Alexx (rhythm guitar), Tank! (lead guitar) & Gonzo (bass guitar). The drummer is currently a hired gun unofficial member of the band.

The four original members, who know each other since they where kids decided to face the demons of the past while hoping for the better angels of coming days. Being half biographical/ half metaphorical the band’s debut album entitled “The Rorschach Manifesto” embarks you on a circular rather than linear journey. A disguise of a mad man’s writings dedicated to the description of a lost & fragmented world. Circular journeys can begin anywhere beginning, middle or end.

Produced at the Radiostar Studios in California by Sylvia Massy (johnny cash, system of a down, smashing pumpkins) who discovered the band by their demos on myspace, This album is a Manifesto that integrates both the high & the low brow, the intellectual & the visceral, the male & the female, creation & destruction, the trivial & the profound, the ridiculous and the sublime, the alluring & revolting, the beautiful & the grotesque.

The songs also involve different eras (a process of the band’s formation back in 2006 all the way to 2010) in which they were written, where the cold city of Bogotá (capital of Colombia, South America where the band is originally from) is as much a protagonist as the characters in each of the songs do. The city itself is a Rorschach. Everything is a Rorschach here. It is a geological study of the strata of the collective unconscious of the area, of the world. It is a mythopoeic odyssey of people, and places. It is bluesy & haunted, and it is unique. The listener must travel through a burning landscape, in a personal dream quest not unlike those of the voices inside the songs. There is no other way. It is the only way. Does this makes any sense to you? Can you tell us what you see?

Rorschach Manifesto

La Red Music / LRME 1217

UPC – 097037121730

Release Date: February 28, 2102

Suggested Retail: $8.99

One Sheet

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