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2011 is wrapping up on a high note for Phil Hamilton. The video for “You Can Have Me,” the first single from his upcoming album Renegade Rock ‘N Roll, has begun airing on CMTP-TV. Hamilton received the exciting news in the studio while putting the final touches on the new album. “I am so thrilled to be able to be able to see my video on CMT and share my new music with folks all over the country. This type of opportunity is rare and I have to say it feels that Christmas has come early this year!”

Dropping his debut release Nothing To Lose / Winding Road Music in late 2010, Hamilton knew that it would be a steep climb to success. He and the band entered 2011 taking the challenge head on with a solid tour schedule throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. The show offers started coming in and the fan base started rapidly growing. March brought a nomination for Top New Male Vocalist of the Year by the Texas Regional Radio & Music Association along with an invitation to perform during the awards show. The rest of the year brought two Top 15 singles on the Texas Music Chart and The Texas regional Radio chart with “Nothing To Lose” and “Nine Mile” and his first top 10 hit with “You Can Have Me.”

Never one to rest on his laurels, Hamilton began gathering new material over the summer. Drawing from his own real life experiences, it was a short time before there was enough music for a solid release. He began recording tracks for Renegade Rock ‘N Roll in September along with filming the video for “You Can Have Me”.

Justin Neighbor (KDAF “The Wolf” / Kansas City) sums it up best as he comments “There is nothing about this album that you can predict, besides a solid display of true talent. There is a true variety of sound on this album, anything and everything from Tom Petty to Waylon Jennings, from Dale Watson to Springsteen…But this is “Philthy” Phil Hamilton and that is why we are here. “

2011 was a big year for Phil Hamilton but 2012 is sure to be even bigger. Renegade Rock ‘N Roll will hit store shelves on January 17 celebrated by a series of release parties and media appearances . In addition, Hamilton is currently lining up tour dates throughout the U.S.

Renegade Rock ‘N Roll

Winding Road Music / WDRO 5073

UPC – 602257507327

Release Date: January 17, 2012

Suggested Retail: $11.99

One Sheet




Nothing To Lose

Winding Road Music / WDRO 5040

UPC – 602257504029

Release Date: April 6, 2010

Suggested Retail: $14.98

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